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COVID-19 Vaccines – Update 24 12 20

Well Up North Primary Care Network are pleased to announce that we will begin offering Covid Vaccinations from next week!

All 12 practices within our network have been working exceptionally hard and within a very short timescale to book almost 3000 appointments for our first cohort of patients. Every appointment has been booked by telephone call with practice teams across the network and will continue through the Christmas and Bank Holiday period.

Please do not contact your practice about the vaccine. This helps to keep phone lines clear and allows practice teams to continue to provide care for patients who need it most. We are using the same members of the team who would usually answer your calls and we thank you for giving us the time we need to do this.

We will continue to contact patients when it is time for them to have their vaccine – There are national guidelines in place which prioritise the order in which we call patients for their vaccinations.

Please check NHS and government websites for the latest news
Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine – NHS (

Our hub sites will be manned on the most part by healthcare professionals from your practice.

As a result of this, there will likely be reduced or limited capacity for routine appointments if you contact your surgery. Many practices within the network area will be operating an “urgent only” system whilst their teams are vaccinating.

On Dec 23rd, we were made aware that there may be a delay with our vaccine delivery – originally scheduled for Monday 28th and now rescheduled for Tuesday 29th. As such, there may unfortunately be some patients whose appointments may need to be cancelled or rearranged due to delays with the vaccine delivery.

This is entirely beyond our control, vaccine deliveries are arranged nationally by NHS England.

We are working hard to get confirmation of our delivery times to ensure a little impact on patients and practice teams as possible – we will be working over the holiday period to ensure the sites are as ready as possible on the 29th

Vaccine Hub Site Locations;

Well Close Medical Group – Berwick-Upon-Tweed

Alnwick Cricket Club – Alnwick

Amble Health Centre – Amble

Do not arrive without an appointment and please don’t turn up more than five minutes early to your appointment – space is limited, its very cold, we don’t want our patients waiting unnecessarily and have a plan to move people through the vaccine sites in a systematic and safe way.

Thank you for reading, please pass to anyone you think may be interested, please don’t call the NHS for your vaccine – we WILL be in touch.

Well Up North

Morpeth – Greystoke, Gas House Lane
Wooler – Cheviot, Glandale
Berwick – Union Brae, Well Close

Face masks

It is a requirement for patients to wear a face covering when entering the surgery.  If you do have an appointment we would be grateful if you could come with your face covering on – covering your nose, mouth and chin.  This can be in the form of a mask, scarf or handkerchief of any sort of fabric.

Face mask exemption letters

Practices are reporting increases in requests from patients for letters of exemption to wearing face masks in various public settings.

In England, you must by law wear a face covering on public transport and in shops and supermarkets as of 24 July 2020.

The Government guidance suggests that it should be sufficient for someone to declare that they are eligible for an exemption direct with the person questioning them (eg bus driver).

Practices are therefore not required to provide letters of support for those who fall under the list of exemptions.

Some transport providers are providing evidence of exemptions themselves, see for example this information from First Bus and Arriva.

Coronavirus – Changes to the Way we Work

Please follow this link to read our letter about Wellbeing and Guidance during Covid 19

In view of the current nationwide situation we feel we have to change the way that the surgery operates.  We are currently not booking future appointments.  Instead we will arrange for a doctor or nurse to phone you.  When required there is provision for face-to-face appointments to be made.

Please keep up-to-date with advice about the Coronavirus on Government and NHS Websites.

Many thanks for your understanding during the difficult time.

Follow this link for great local sources of help, support and information

COVID-19 symptom self management

Patients can now be provided with expert information and advice on how COVID-19 impacts specific palliative or long-term conditions and how to manage them during the pandemic. Follow this link for full details.