Important: Update regarding car parking spaces

As the renovation of the top floor of the NHS Centre begins, we are experiencing very limited parking spaces compared to normal. This is due to a portion of the car park being cordoned off to accommodate work vehicles.  If you have an appointment in the surgery, or you are needing to come down to the mount for any other reason, we ask that you try not to park in the car park unless this is not possible. This is to try to accommodate those who may not be able to access other modes of transport to get into the surgery, or people who may require specific parking spaces such a the disability spaces and  mother and baby spaces in the car park.

There is car parking at Morrisons supermarket (which is only 5 minutes away from the surgery on foot) for up to 3 hours on the ground floor and all day in the underground.

Additionally, there is a bus stop outside the surgery if you are able to get public transport to the surgery. For more information for bus times and routes, please see the attached link.

There are also bike stands outside the surgery where you may lock up your bike if you wish to ride your bicycle into the surgery.

Thankyou for your understanding and cooperation.