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Patient survey and results

The surgery has recently set up a Patient Participation Group to gain the thoughts and input of patients on the services we provide. A survey has been developed with input from the group and the results can be viewed below.

Following input from our Patient Participation group we have attached a copy of the Action Plan and our Action Plan Template submitted to NHS England

Latest documents

Summary of Actions Taken 2019

The following is a report of action taken within the surgery as a result of Patient Participation over the past few years. This could be through formal surveys and questionnaires, through our patient suggestion box or through other forms of patient feedback.

Action Taken Patient Participation Group and Practice Questionnaires

Introduction of an automated check-in system

Publicise to patients the ability to book appointments and order repeat medication on-line

Train a member of our admin team in Phlebotomy

Painting of car parking bays – previously denoted by slightly different coloured bricks

Add more Health Promotion information to TV screens (as well as our regular display within the surgery on noticeboard). We also now advertise current Health Promotion Campaigns through the addition of a banner on our Website.

Purchase of a Bar Code Scanner within the Dispensary

Add transcribing software to an additional PC so that 2 members of staff can perform secretarial duties at busy times.

Streamlining of review appointments for patients with Long Term Conditions such as Diabetes, COPD, Heart Disease and Stroke.

Action Taken – Patient suggestions

Negotiating with NHS Property Services to have Gel Dispensers placed throughout public areas

Negotiating with NHS Property Services for a clock to be put up within the Waiting Area

Introduction of SMS Text Messaging Service

Action Taken Patient Complaints

Purchase of “Peal & Seal” envelopes due to the potential for perforated envelopes to come apart in the post

Introduction, through our clinical system, to routinely display information on our TV screens of the clinicians working on any particular day and whether or not they are running on time.

Alterations to our Telephone Answering message to reduce the length

Further work with patients who are Carers introduction of Carers sessions alongside Carers Northumberland


Patient Participation Group 2017

A survey of our new Prescription Line was carried out in February 2017.

Initially comments were requested from our virtual patient participation group and comments were favourable.

Surveys were then undertaken over the phone as patients rang to order their repeat medication or on-line. 26 surveys were completed (see attached survey results).


On-line ordering is still the least popular method of ordering prescriptions despite thoughts that this can be more beneficial for patients.

All patients were either very happy or satisfied with both the process for requesting their medication and collecting their medication

In all cases the prescription had been at the requested destination within the stated 48 hrs of ordering


Comments in the main were that people were happy with the new system for ordering medication and it appears to be working well.


Communicate with patients the availability of on-line ordering


Advertise through posters in reception, our Practice Newsletter, our Website and via the RHS of Prescriptions.

Continue with the prescription line as it stands now

Look at membership of the patient participation group – increase membership and look to see if still representative of our Patient population


Brought up at PHCT Meetings, advertised in our Newsletter and on our Website

Once set up and increased, ask patient participation group for ideas as to topics for a further practice-wide survey.



Prescription line questionnaire


Patient Participation Group – January 2016

Action taken since January 2016 Report

Action Taken

  • Those patients who do not wish to remain as part of the Group have been removed
  •  This left 10 members remaining
  •  We have recently increased that number to 12 (this is very poor uptake considering we advertised within the Practice and on our Website

2016.17 Action Plan

  • Try once again to increase membership of virtual patient participation group
  •  Once new members join the group we need to look at whether the group is representative of the Practice population
  •  Undertake a survey regarding our new Prescription Line. This will initially be tested on our Patient Participation Group for comments and will then be circulated more widely. We are keen to obtain patient feedback on our new      Prescription Line